Welcome Homeowners

WV 811 is here to serve and protect homeowners across the great state of West Virginia. We are here for you to submit information about any home excavation projects you are planning, such as planting a tree, building a fence or any other circumstances that include digging in your yard. Trained representatives will assist you in providing the necessary information to our member companies. Once notified of your planned excavation, members should locate their underground facilities or notify you if clear within 48 business hours of your request.

These services are FREE to everyone!

Click HERE to submit your information online or call 811 or call 800-245-4848 .

When making a locate request, please have the following information ready:

  • Excavator name/Company name/phone number
  • Contact information: Name of contact and contact number(s):
  • Work-site information:
    -Type of work/excavation
    -Location/Address, town/city, county
    -Driving directions with distances may be required
  • Locate instructions (where digging will occur)
    (Example: front, back, sides, etc.)
  • Additional information, including access issues
    (Example: locked gates, dogs, etc.)
  • Special instructions
    (Example: Call prior to going to site, use flags and paint, etc.)